Take the Gen-I Challenge!

Do you know about the Gen-I Challenge? The Challenge is available to Native American youth, colleges, organizations, corporations and many other stakeholders. Challenge acceptors are asked to follow simple steps to complete the challenge, with the initial step of just making a commitment.Seneca SewingAn acceptor commits to take the Challenge by filling out this form and sharing a brief description about what that person, youth council, organization, corporation, etc., is planning to do. The activities description can be a rough draft, but we still want to hear what the acceptors’ awesome plans are for making a difference in their communities. It’s also a great way for us to stay in touch and offer support and information as acceptors complete their challenge. At any time, acceptors can reach out to the Center for Native American Youth to ask questions about eligibility and find resources for completing the challenge.Once you commit to the Challenge and fill out the form, you have 90 days to complete the challenge. To complete the challenge, acceptors will take the following steps:

1.  ACT – Within 30 days of taking the challenge, youth, organizations, and corporations should work to do something positive of their choosing.

a.       Examples of positive activities include: completing a volunteer project with a local organization or charity, starting an internship for Native American youth at your business or corporation, hosting a meeting with other youth to brainstorm how to address an issue of concern in their community, offering an academic scholarship for Native American youth or becoming a mentor to a younger person.

b.      This toolkit can help get you started!

2.  CAPTURE – Document your community efforts through a short summary (3-4 sentences) and with photos and video!

a.       The more photos and videos, the better!

3.  SHARE – Share your story online using #Gen-I and send the National Native Youth Network your story by clicking “Share Your Gen-I Story” at http://cnay.org/ShareGenIStory.html. The National Native Youth Network and/or the White House may even feature your story so make sure you include all relevant information and documentation!

4.  PARTICIPATE – By participating in the National Native Youth Network, you may be invited to be a part of the first ever White House Tribal Youth Gathering in Washington, D.C. in the summer of 2015. Participation includes taking the challenge, but also staying involved through Twitter and/or Facebook.

If you have questions about the challenge process, please reach out to ryan.ward@aspeninst.org. More information about Gen-I can be found here and you can stay up to date with activities on Twitter at @gen_indigenous and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/GenIndigenous.


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