Gen-I Youth Ambassadors

Through ongoing outreach into Indian Country and listening sessions with Native youth, the Center for Native American Youth (CNAY) consistently hears that young people want to be engaged in a large network of their peers that also provides increased access to new and exciting opportunities and serves as a resource for their communities. In support of Gen-I, CNAY is excited to create a new leadership opportunity to engage and support a large network of “young movers and shakers” in Indian Country – Gen-I Youth Ambassadors.

What is a Gen-I Youth Ambassador? 
Gen-I Youth Ambassadors serve as spokespersons for Gen-I and CNAY. CNAY works closely with these youth to foster their development as community liaisons who share resources and opportunities with their peers and communities. Specifically, Gen-I Youth Ambassadors will:

  • Be eligible to participate in the first ever White House Tribal Youth Gathering; 
  • Be part of a growing Gen-I Network of community leaders and young experts in the field;
  • Serve as direct connections to tribal and urban Indian communities; and 
  • Provide their perspectives on priorities for youth in Indian Country. 
Becoming a Gen-I Youth Ambassador:
The Gen-I Youth Ambassador network consists of leaders between the ages of 14 and 24 who want to directly connect with CNAY, the Administration, and key stakeholders, and also actively promote Gen-I and encourage peers and communities to support and/or get involved in positive community projects.

  • Accept the Gen-I Youth Challenge;
  • Sign up as a Gen-I Youth Ambassador to be added to the National Native Youth Network map; and
  • Follow Gen-I on Facebook & Twitter

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