We’ll be building out this site over the coming months. Would you like to help? Or just want to get in touch? We’d like to hear from you so drop us a line: You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter!

2 Comments on “Contact

  1. Some of our native youth group would like to attend July 09, 2015 gathering in Washington D.C. Please send us the application or information about the activities that is coming up.. My address is Elizabeth Chavez, Miss Indian Teen World National Scholarship Pageant , P.O. Box 571705, Murray, Utah 84157



  2. About 10 days ago(5/30/2015), a few of my students filled out the Gen 1 challenge and uploaded a couple of pictures, but they have yet to hear anything back. Will they receive a ‘thank you for entering’ or some type of acknowledgement?

    Thank You,
    George Goggans
    Santa Fe Indian School
    Santa Fe, NM


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